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Voting is a Constitutional Right

For nearly 100 years, we have fought to protect the rights of eligible voters and expand access for those who’ve been left out of our democratic process.

Our volunteers spearhead efforts to enact common-sense voting reforms and we are the first to fight back when voters’ rights are threatened.

We protect millions of voters every year through aggressive advocacy and education efforts and we have been at the forefront of major voting rights court cases.

You are eligible to register to vote if:

  • You are a United States Citizen.
  • You can pre-register at 16 years old; you must be at least 18 to vote in an election.
  • You are a Colorado resident for at least 22 days immediately before the election in which you intend to vote.
  • You are not currently serving a term of imprisonment for a felony conviction; if on parole you CAN register AND vote as of July 1, 2019.
    Learn more information here: Voting and Conviction Colorado SOS

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