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LWV US Positions

LWV Positions for Action

The National Impact on Issues 2018-2020 Program Book is designed to help League leaders use LWVUS public policy positions effectively at the state and local levels. The LWVUS public policy positions “in brief” listed on pages 2-4 reflect the program adopted by the 2016 Convention of the League of Women Voters of the United States. This listing summarizes the official full statements of position, presented in bold type in the relevant sections of this guide.

LWV Colorado Positions

LWVCO Positions For Action

The 2019-2021 LWVCO Positions For Action is a summary of the positions that Colorado League Members have adopted and the advocacy work based on them and is designed to help League leaders use LWVCO public policy positions effectively at the state and local levels. The League of Women Voters takes action only after members have studied an issue and agreed on a position. Some of our past studies and important links are collected on the Resources: Study Issues page.

Local Positions

Local Study Process – How Does Our LWV Choose the Topics It Studies?

No local LWV can take a position on an issue or advocate for or against an issue without first studying that issue at the local, state or national level. All local LWVs can use positions at the state and national level to support advocacy on local topics. Topics for local study are proposed at a program planning meeting, or to the board, in writing, at any time up until the board meeting prior to 30 days before the annual meeting, usually held in May.

Proposed topics include a short (written) summary of the proposed study, including its scope. Members may submit any local issue that can be impacted by La Plata County voters that members feel the LWV needs to be able to weigh in on. The LWV may or may not already have a position relating to the topic or the member may feel the current position needs updating.

Since the LWV never supports or opposes candidates or parties, the LWV does not study individual candidates or parties.

For a full description of the local study process see Local Study Process For guidelines for LWVUS studies see LWVUS Study Guidelines


Political….but Non-Partisan

What does this mean for Members?

Individual League members are encouraged to be politically active.  However, when they participate in partisan activities, they may not identify themselves as League members.

A League will be a strong and effective political force to the degree that it can deal with and accept controversy and live with uncertainty.

Keep in mind that conflict of interest may arise between a “board” member’s paid employment and her or his role in the League.

League Statements

No member (including officers) may speak for the League unless they have first obtained review and approval by a majority of Administrative Team of the proposed statement.

Key Member Restrictions

Certain individuals who have high public visibility as officers or leaders of the League (Key Members) are restricted from partisan activity. 

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