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Where Do Your Dues Go?

Even though we’re a local, independent chapter of the LWV, as part of a national organization, a portion of your dues goes to the state and national offices that support our work at the local level. That money goes to fight against efforts to curb voting rights and women’s reproductive rights, and to enact changes to campaign financing, and other national priorities like the passage of the ERA and national popular vote. At the local level your dues support our voter outreach and education efforts as well as local studies and initiatives on policy and advocacy positions covering a wide range of issues like healthcare, climate change and affordable housing. Any gift you make above the membership level that’s right for you stays in La Plata County. Thank you for your generosity! Learn more here:


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The Membership Directory database will be updated quarterly.
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Membership  Handbook

Membership Handbook in Brief

For a quick tour of them League of Women Voters of La Plata County, including our principals, mission and structure view our Membership Handbook in Brief

Membership Handbook in Full

For an in-depth look at who we are, what we do and how we do it, view our Membership Handbook in Full