About Your Dues

How are my dues used?

Even though we’re a local, independent chapter of the LWV, as part of a national organization, a portion of your dues goes to the state and national offices that support our work at the local level. That money goes to fight against efforts to curb voting rights and women’s reproductive rights, and to enact changes to campaign financing, and other national priorities like the passage of the ERA and national popular vote. At the local level your dues support our voter outreach and education efforts as well as local studies and initiatives on policy and advocacy positions covering a wide range of issues like healthcare, climate change and affordable housing. Any gift you make above the membership level that’s right for you stays in La Plata County. Thank you for your generosity! 

Your Dues

Membership dues and donations support operations, voter education, advocacy, and studies at local, state and national levels. Dues are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Our local League pays a Per Member Payment (PMP) to national LWVUS of $32, and to the State LWV of Colorado of $20. This PMP is used for the defense of our democracy and legislative advocacy at national and state levels.

This leaves us with $3.00 locally.  By becoming a Supporting member your dues provide us with an additional $15 ($20 Household) that directly support all local activities in La Plata County.

We appreciate all donations to our local league to enable us to continue to educate and advocate. Please click here if you are able to make a separate donation.

Please note that members who have not renewed are dropped from the LWV La Plata Roster a month following their expiration date.

Regular Individual: $55
Regular Individual Supporting: $70
Household: $90
Household Supporting: $110
Student: $0