Many of us who reside in La Plata County have experienced and heard about the difficulty of finding a provider practice who accepts new patients (regardless of insurance status), maintaining continuity of care from providers and being able to make an appointment with a provider or specialist in a reasonable length of time.

We aren’t alone in these concerns. A group of retired physicians, retired health care management consultants, community leaders and local politicians came together to discern our current standing with provider adequacy for our population, as well as, recruitment and retention of medical providers in La Plata County.

This document contains their robust research compiled in an interim report as they worked in conjunction with Mercy Hospital. Their next steps will include working with other groups such as Animas Surgical Hospital, Integrated Health Care, La Plata Family Medicine, and others. Click the button below to read the report:

Please take the time to read their report and know that there is a workgroup of “Durangoans for Improved Healthcare” working diligently toward improving the availability and retention of healthcare providers in La Plata County.

We also encourage you to take this brief health care survey if you haven’t already done so and please pass the link along to other La Plata County residents who would like to weigh in on their health care needs and experiences. Click the button bleow for the survey (available in English and Spanish)