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Welcome to the League of Women Voters of La Plata County

La Plata County is moving to COVID-19 Dial Level Red:

Severe Risk beginning Friday, November 20. The new Severe Risk level is not the same as a Stay-at-Home Order, which was previously colored red on the state dial, but it does entail new public health restrictions on businesses, events, and social gatherings.
More info on 
Level RED

Click SJB La Plata County Dashboard to view La Plata County COVID details

Courtesy of the City of Durango


Council Connection December 1, 2020

City Council discussed the rising cases of COVID-19 and the fact that intensive care beds at Mercy Regional Medical Center are at capacity right now. They also received a presentation on the 2021 Proposed City Budget.
Watch the latest Council Connection at your right -->>

Colorado lawmakers approve COVID-19 aid, say more is needed

Legislation helps restaurants, food pantries, students, child care providers

By Patty Nieberg Associated Press, courtesy of Durango Herald 12/2/2020

Members of the Colorado House of Representatives toil as lawmakers try to wrap up the 2020 session in June in the state Capitol in Denver. Ending a special session Wednesday, the Legislature passed bills offering assistance to restaurants and food pantries struggling to keep their doors open during the coronavirus pandemic. This week’s session, called by Gov. Jared Polis, also passed bills creating and expanding several grant programs to improve internet access for students, assist child care providers and aid individuals struggling to pay their utility and housing bills…“This is not the end of the conversation. There’s more that the federal government needs to do. And yes, there’s more that the Legislature will be able to talk about when they convene,” Polis said after the special session.


November 24, 2020

La Plata County Official Results 


La Plata County Clerk & Recorder Tiffany Parker

Click La Plata County Official Results

To view all La Plata County results for November 3 election.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

November 30, 2020

State of Colorado Official Results

CO Secretary of State – Jena Griswold

Click Colorado Official Results

To view all Colorado election results for the November 3 election.

Recent Articles
League Update

Announcing Great Decisions 2021 January 26 – May 4, 2021

It’s time to put the Great Decisions 2021 discussion schedule on your calendar and order your 2021 briefing book. Please follow this link to the Great Decisions 2021 schedule. We will use Zoom to offer online discussions starting on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 and continuing every other Tuesday for eight sessions.

To order a briefing book, contact Janice at before November 30th.

Great Decisions 2021 is sponsored by The League of Women Voters of La Plata County, the local chapter of the American Association of University Women and the Durango Public Library.

To view the Great Decisions 2021 flyer and other information about the sessions, click Great Decisions 2021.

General Election 2020 Tuesday, Nov. 3

The Electoral College is a constitutional process under Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.
Elections go beyond Election Day 

Whether you’re a voter or an electoral organizer, a strong understanding
of the Electoral College is helpful!
Learn more about the Electoral College process on our blog:

Monday after the second Wednesday in December of presidential election years is set (3 U.S.C. §7)
as the date on which the electors meet and vote.
In 2020, the meeting is on December 14.

The 46th President of the United States will be sworn in on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021 
on the West Lawn of the 
U.S. Capitol.

Both the vice president-elect and president-elect will take Oaths of Office,
which usually takes place at noon, followed by an inaugural address.

Look for more information from the Presidential Inaugural Committee to come soon.

Read More about the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies

League Advocacy and Action

League of Women Voters Colorado
Annual report 2019 - 2020

We hope you will enjoy reviewing the Annual Report of the League of
Women Voters of Colorado (LWVCO) for 2019–20. We thank our many
supporters for your investment in our mission, vision and values.
This report outlines the many accomplishments of the organization
during this important 100th year   

Read the Full Report

The League of Women Voters Urges You To Take Action
There are many ways to have your voice heard by elected officials and policy makers. 
Take Action on League priorities today.

Click the image above to get involved!

Reference the LWVUS Impact on Issues 
2018 - 2020
A Guide to Policy Positions

About Us


The League is nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing candidates or political parties at any level of government, but always working on vital issues of concern to members and the public.  We encourage informed and active participation in government, and work  to increase understanding of major public policy issues.  We influence  public policy through education and advocacy based on policy positions that are adopted by our members following studies and agreement.

WELCOME from our LWV La Plata (ZOOM) BOARD

We are (left to Right)-

  • Jean Aaro, President
  • Ellen Park, Membership Director
  • Deb Ruddell, Treasurer
  • Trish Pegram, Director at Large
  • Martha Mason, Secretary
  • Diane Goodchild, Director at Large

Not shown-

  • Laurie Meininger, Director at Large
  • Karen McManus – Voter Services
  • Ross Park – Webmaster

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Webmaster News

Election 2020 is drawing to a close. 
See the info (above) on the Electoral College and the January Inauguration.
We are looking for a breather to plan for a great virtual 2021 League year. 

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