Eleven items in consent agenda approved. Discussion items:

• Falls Creek – requesting 2 letters of support for 2 grants for fire mitigation. Buying a tractor, using Veteran labor, donating wood to Navajo Nation. Staff reported on specifics and recommends approval. No public comment.

• Feds were not going to defend Falls Creek in the 416 Fire, but changed their minds when they learned all Falls Creek was doing to mitigate wildfires.

• Clyde Church recused himself

• Commissioners Reports – right of way fees & broadband, broadband advisory committee (2 from SW) budget public hearing, office hours, fire mitigation training, options for counties to get fees paid and avoid unfunded mandates, office hours for young people at Zia, SW Transportation Board meeting and Regional Housing meeting, SWORD meeting feasibility study looking for grant for staff, RHA board meeting, Eggs & Issues, possible decisions re Prop HH, ACLU in town on Friday (follow-up to meeting about affordable housing last year), CDOT PSA re eclipse traffic, plans to do a report on the fire mitigation summit

• County Manager Report – reminds board of upcoming activities, new AV equipment on 10/30sf