A video compiled by students of different grade levels was shown at the meeting. All the students in the video thanked the board.

Survey Discussion (District Advisory Committee)

• Options for making the parent survey better? Maybe a different survey for each school vs. parents receiving one survey when they may have children attending different schools. Or, maybe suspend survey for one year. No decision was made. May take it up in a work session vs at a Board Meeting. One option would be to use Panorama, a national survey. Survey is not a state requirement.

• 311 High school students responded to the survey. That was considered pretty good.

• SACs (?) There is not enough data /participation to make changes. Do they need a different survey or different questions?

• Need to open communication with parents, get events out via social media.

Instructional Technology presentation: Committee leader shared various technology being introduced in the classroom: Drones, robots, vbots, 3D printers, from elementary school to high school. AI is sometimes used for illustrations and multi-media videos have been developed by second graders. (I was unable to see the presentation on the screen that is mainly visible by the Board, and it was difficult to hear the presenter. He visited remotely).

Long Range Planning: A committee will look at facilities and the instructional environment. Review demographics and current vision. To set priorities for a project planning list.

• Facilities review: There is a lot of deferred maintenance of schools. An action plan is needed. Discussed high priority for roofs, heating, cooling. The average age of schools is >55 years old. Average replacement needed when schools are 50-55 years old.

• Land is set aside for Three Springs elementary school.

• Projected enrollment = 500. Cost: $50 million.

• High cost of living in the area that impacts bus drivers, teachers, staff.

• Projected decrease in enrollment by 108 for this year (actual is 103). Student population decreased by 211 over the past 5 years. La Plata growth occurring mostly in middle aged group. The Board may share long range findings with the public. No details about how or when were given.