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*LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF LA PLATA COUNTY held its ANNUAL MEETING with speaker Melissa Youssef. Official minutes of the meeting should be available in July. Click here to read the unofficial notes on the proceedings.

*5/22/19: A new slate of LWVLPC officers was proposed and agreed to include: Jean Aaro President, Leigh Meigs, Secretary, Buck Skillen, Treasurer, Ellen Park, Membership Chair, and Kathleen Adams, Martha Mason, and Trish Pegram, Members of the Board, for the executive team.


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*5/22/19 LWVCO: Read Legislative Letter #9 and 2019 Legislative Wrapup dated 5/21/19

Even though the session has ended, the debate over many measures continues. A referred measure seeking voter approval to permit the state to retain money in excess of the TABOR limit will be put to voters in November. Recall efforts regarding some of the more controversial legislation--and the legislators who voted for it--are underway. LWV has an important role to play in providing statewide voter education and mobilization to protect the measures we support, including TABOR reform, the National Popular Vote, and extreme risk protection orders. Supporters of these recall efforts will be collecting signatures between now and August 1; so be sure to THINK BEFORE YOU INK!

*5/14/19 LWVCO Board Briefs: board brief 5-14-19

Click Board Briefs to read more.

*5/7/19 Click May 2019 Colorado voter to read the May 2019 Colorado VOTER.
Highlights include:

  • Bold and Forward Thinking Essential for the League A message from Toni Larson, LWVCO President
  • Legislative Action Committee Action and Advocacy Continues as the 2019 Legislative Session Nears its Close
  • Communications Task Force Survey Results We are grateful for your participation and excellent suggestions.
  • LWVCO Historical Archive Update We are looking for Colorado Voters that were published from 1996 to 2018.
  • Leader of Democracy Awards Save the Date: Thursday, June 6, from 5:30 - 7:30 PM
  • LWVCO Convention Health Care Caucus Will the Real Health Care Reform Please Stand Up?
  • Voter Registration Grant LWVCO has received a grant of $1050 from LWVUS.

*3/5/19 LWVCO: Click Send A Message: A directory of State and National Elected Officials in Colorado to help you find contact information for your US & Colorado Elected Officials


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*Click to read the LWV May Highlights

Highlights include:

  • SCOTUS Issues Stay on Redistricting Late in April, a panel of federal district judges ruled in favor of LWV of Michigan in their First and Fourteenth Amendment challenges to the state and congressional redistricting plans, saying the state will be required to implement new maps in time for the 2020 election and before the next redistricting cycle in 2021.

  • And, this month, a three-judge panel from the District Court for the Southern District of Ohio ruled in favor of the LWV of Ohio in its redistricting case, declaring the maps an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander, to be redrawn in time for the 2020 elections.

  • Tennessee Challenges Voter Registration Law

This month, LWV of Tennessee, along with other democracy groups, filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new Tennessee law that undermines voter registration.

  • Building a Record for the Voting Rights Act

We're continuing our nationwide push for voting rights reforms, by participating in field hearings in places like Florida and the Dakotas.
"If there are five ways to vote; don't give Native Americans three and then say that we're equal," said OJ Semans, Sr., Co-Executive Director of the Native voting rights organization Four Directions, during the Dakotas' field hearing.

*Click to read the May 23 League Update

Highlights include:

  • For the People Act Grassroots Update
    Leagues across the country have been making their voices heard on the For the People Act. From Washington to New Mexico, and Missouri to New York, postcards from League members demanding a hearing on the For the People Act are being sent to Senate offices around the country.

  • Sign up for National Voter Registration Day 2019
    National Voter Registration Day is Tuesday, September 24 + and we've committed to recruiting 400 League participants nationwide. Sign up your League to help us meet this important goal and keep LWV the single largest on-the-ground partner of this holiday!

  • League Joins Groups Urging Presidential Candidates to Prioritize Democracy Reform Agenda
    On May 15, the League joined over 100 organizations on letters to all announced presidential candidates urging them to implement a democracy reform plan. The letters were sent by members of the Declaration for American Democracy coalition as well as voting rights, good government, civil rights, faith, environmental, labor, and grassroots organizations.

  • League Endorses Protecting American Votes and Elections (PAVE) Act
    LWVUS endorsed legislation introduced by Senator Ron Wyden to protect American elections from foreign interference by mandating hand-marked paper ballots and setting new cybersecurity standards for all federal elections.

  • League Urges Congress to Support EAC
    The League joined more than 30 organizations in urging the House Administration Committee to vigorously support the bipartisan and independent U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

  • Update: LWVUS National Popular Taskforce
    This month, the NPV Interstate Compact taskforce began their work, reaching out to League leaders across the country and conducting interviews in states where NPV has passed. If your state has passed NPV and you are interested in sharing how your state was successful, email us at,

Join Us at LWVLPC

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La Plata County Leaguer,

*If you haven't renewed your local League membership, IT"S NEVER TOO LATE.

Just send a check for your renewal dues ($55 for regular members and $35 for each additional household member) payable to LWVLPC, and mail to Buck Skillen, Treasurer, 776 Animas View Dr. Durango, CO 81301. For this year, student memberships are free, so welcome any students you know to join us in League. If there are changes in your contact information notify Kathleen Adams, Interim Membership Chair, at the address below.

*If you are becoming a new member of the LWVLPC, Please fill out a 2018-2019 LWVLPC Membership Form and include a copy to Buck Skillen at the address above. WELCOME and THANKS.

Only a very small amount of local dues remains with the local league - $6. If you can add an additional amount as a donation to LWVLPC, that would help significantly to continue our work. Please note that donations to the general fund are not tax-deductible; BUT donations to the Education Fund are deductible. Donations are greatly appreciated and we promise will be used wisely. Instructions are below and on the membership form and the web site.

Upcoming League events of interest, please join us for these:

  • * October 9 - State Legislative Candidate Forum - 5:30-Center of Southwest Studies, Lyceum,Rm 120.
  • * October 16 - Statewide Ballot Issues Forum - 5:30p at the Center of Southwest Studies, Lyceum - Room 120.
  • * December + our Holiday party
  • * January - program planning
  • * February + Legislative Lowdown
  • * March - continuing the popular Great Decisions programs

We need your support, so please

Mail your renewal check, payable to LWVLPC, (($55 for regular members and $35 for each additional household member) to Buck Skillen, Treasurer, 776 Animas View Dr., Durango, Co 81301.

Consider joining and/or helping with the leadership core. We have vacant board positions + Our monthly board meetings involve an equal amount of fun and work.

Consider including a tax deductible donation to the LWVLPC. Include a separate check payable to "LWVCO Education Fund " write "La Plata County" on the memo line. This donation will be used locally for voter education activities.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments and especially offers to join the leadership core. We are looking forward to another year with you in the LWVLPC.

Kathleen Adams
LWVLPC Membership Chair

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