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July 2019: Common Cause, The Colorado Voting Experience, A model that encourages full participation, by Allegra Chapman, Amber McReynolds, Tierra Bradford, Kiyana Asemanfar, Elena Nunez, and Gerry Langeler

Voter enthusiasm in the 2018 midterms reached new heights

-- citizens turned out in higher numbers than they had nearly one hundred years ago. That's an exciting piece of news, but it's no assurance that we'll match those levels of participation for the next presidential election, or the next midterm, or subsequent elections. Sustained voter participation in this country requires a concerted effort. Politicians must prove their worth, parties may have to reinvent themselves, GOTV efforts need to build up. And each state's election system must meet voters' needs, while being easy to administer. Colorado has helped lead the way, other states are following suit, and still others have work to do. If this country wants to, once again, become a beacon of democracy, it must do all it can to ensure participation. Each state has the power to do that.

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